Our story

For a long time, the early and pure image of lotus has become popular to every Vietnamese people. The lotus is not only natural, simple and noble, but also brings the fond and clean images. The deeper water and the much more mud, the stronger of lotus body is with the growing of fresh and pink leaves. Perhaps, Pink Lotus was chosen either as an image of many cultural and art activities or on the fuselage of Vietnam Airlines, as a logo for Vietnam tourism with shy smiling lotus. Its beauty seems to be unique in Vietnam even though it grows well in some countries in the world.

Thanks to that meaning, we named our company “PINK LOTUS TRAVEL”. The name says it all, the beauty of smiling lotus brings company’s image to customer naturally.

Vietnam is S shaped with “abundant in sea and forest resources”. The customers are not only attracted by places of interest and historic sites from North to South but also by the hospitality, friendly smile from the Asian hidden charm. And, so much more… There are many people would like to know who will promote those beauties, who will make them soul to visitor with expressive cultural messages, who will introduce Vietnam to the world and vice versa? The answer would be experienced and charming tour guides of our company.

Pink Lotus Travel company was officially founded in 2004 with market segments mainly for European and American customers. We bring the new experience about gentle Vietnam thanks to friendly service, careful guidance, and highly innovative tour route. We are proudly to put our faith in professional team with experienced, young tour guides, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Pink Lotus Travel always wishes to be a reliable person to help the customers understand whole of cultural quintessence by the shortest way. It comes from the slight smile and tight handshakes – we expect and believe in it.


Our Customer

We hope to get more support from local and foreign customers since we know the full joy are meeting relatives and discovering the beauty of Vietnam.

Our People

Our people are highly trained in many different aspects of the airline industry, ticketing and customer care, to guarantee an exceptional standard of expert, friendly and professional service.

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